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This Stuff Rocks!

Howdy! Thanks for popping by Stuff.rocks. I’m working on other stuff. But, I figure that as long as I have this platform to share the stuff that my research has revealed rocks with everyone, I’m simply keeping a list.

  • Have you ever thought, “Hmm… I wonder if I should build a website,” only to decide that you will? It’s easy to be tempted by offers on things like GoDaddy, maybe you like the visual nature of Wix, and hey – when I first jumped in to building sites, I registered my domain at GoDaddy and then bought a year of Wix – let me save you MONEY and TIME. I’ve built close to 100 different websites, and here’s the best way to go from zero, to having your own site online exactly as you want. A)No matter the URL you want, nine times out of ten, TLD-List.com will tell you where to register the domain for the least dollars. B)IONOS.com Customer Service is world class – if you get the right individual. Given the amount of hours of Tech Support time I have absorbed, my web hosting package is easily best value-for-the-money in the whole effort. C) WordPress is the most popular platform for publishing websites for a reason. Once you get it, it all makes perfect sense and works just like you expect it to. Especially if you’re doing more than a single site and splurge for an D)Elementor subscription! It’s an incredibly clean, incredibly functional click-and-drag, visual web editor. Monstrous community of users who know a ton, and the Tech Support team here is also worth a lot more than what I paid for the subscription.
  • Are you an American adult who drinks beer because they like the taste of good beers? I am, and that’s why any time the Flavor Cravin’ Monster wants good beer, I go find Pollyanna beers. Every ounce of each batch produced over the last five years has been exsquisite 🤏🍺
  • Shad Wilde is absolutely brilliant, and criminally under-known and under appreciated. Aaron West can play any instrument, but his violin talent is madness. Have you heard Quiet Hollers? You should listen to a whole bunch. Soak in a healthy dose of AV on their YouTube. And go to their shows, for the love of all things, because Quiet Hollers’ Stuff Rocks!

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